1) Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials:

Head of Laboratory: Ph.D. Marina Tigishvili

The following research is carried out:

a) Preparation and study of materials by molecular beam epitaxy on GaAs.

b) Study of Si Ge quantum dots.

c) Processes of ion doping in GaAs and Si.

d) Measurements of electrophysical parameters of the formed structures.


2)Technological Laboratory of semiconductor devices and integrated cirsuits

 Head of Laboratory: Ph.D. Albert Tutunjyian

Research is carried out on gallium arsenide and related compounds (GaAs, GaAlAs):

a) development of technology of digital and analog integrated microcircuits (IMC)

In accordance with the requirements for production of IMC, the following work is carried out in clean rooms:

b) chemical and plasma chemical treatment of the substrate surface;

c) vacuum deposition of metals and dielectrics;

d) photolithography;

e) scribing and packaging processes Measurements of optical and electrophysical parameters are performed at all stages and after packaging.


3) Laboratory of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits design:

Head of Laboratory: Ph.D. Zauri Chakhnakia

The following research is carried out:

For the production of semiconductor devices and their elements (transistors, resistors, capacitors, wiring):

a) circuit design calculations;

b) layout and simulation, i.e. design using different software;

c) measurements of dynamic, high-frequency parameters of digital and analog integrated circuits.


4) Laboratory of semiconductor structures and devices

Head of the laboratory: Doctor of Phys.-Mat. Sci. Nugzar Dolidze

 The work is carried out on silicon and dielectric materials:

 a) vacuum deposition of low-melting and refractory metals by thermo-resistive, electron-beam and magnetron methods;

b) development of low-temperature catalytic, plasma and magnetron technologies stimulated with UV radiation to produce various thin and ultrathin oxides and nitrides (SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2, HfO2, ZrO2, Ta2O5, Nb2O5, GaN, AlN, TiN, FeN);

c) formation of micro- and nanoelements of integrated microcircuits (IMC) with the obtained oxides and nitrides and investigation of their electro-physical, optical, structural, and dielectric parameters.


5)Laboratory of low-temperature stimulated technologies:

Head of Laboratory: Doctor of Phys.-Mat. Sci. Zurab Jibuti

Research is carried out and enabling low-temperature technologies are created which lead to sufficient improvement of physical parameters of micro-and nanodevices and significant reduction of their cost.

Low-temperature processes are conducted using photo- and catalyst-stimulated methods.