Scientific Achievements

1.      Microwave receiver as a non-destructive diagnostics device;


   2. Liquid, solid and gas composition control (e.g. gunpowder charge monitoring).

3. Creation of solar cells to provide  power supply for individual consumers. Provision of military men with low-power autonomous natural current sources in the field and especially difficult conditions;


   4. Formation of elements of  Si integrated circuits. Radiotherapy equipment to be used in the field conditions.


   5. Ionizing radiation receivers based on semiconductor materials (SPTI, IMNE);


   6. Receivers operating in the UV range for rocketry and household appliances;


   7. Gamma-and X-ray radiation recorder;


   8. Optical properties of the structures obtained by ion doping to be used in night vision devices (SPTI, IMNE) as well as for “friend-or-foe” identification.


   9. Pulsed photon irradiation system (PPIS);


   10. A new device - memristor;


   11. Development of the chip generator system based on the Doppler effect;


         (Remote fuse of combat materials)